Scholarship Information

There are two primary ways to fund a scholarship through the Foundation. 

Endowed Scholarships 

The endowed scholarship, because of its perpetual nature, is always one of the most popular instruments used by donors. This scenario calls for the donor to establish an endowment fund with the NPCC Foundation by making a sizeable donation. 

For example, using a projected 5 percent payout, a $10,000 endowment will provide approximately $500 a year to help fund a scholarship. 

The amount made available for scholarships naturally increases with the size of the endowment or the donor may choose to add directly to the scholarship each year to increase the size of the award. 

Donor Specified Scholarships 

Over the years, many individuals and organizations have established scholarships that are funded by donations to the NPCC Foundation and administered by the MPCC Office of Student Financial Aid, including the application, selection, and award process. 

Donors can fund scholarships through the Foundation in a variety of ways: annual payment; one-time donation, or periodic donation. The donor can also request that the NPCC Foundation distribute the entire amount of the donation during the first year or a limited number of years. The minimum donation to create a named scholarship is $1,000. Many organizations choose to establish this kind of scholarship and make annual donations. 

Donors also designate funds to be "unrestricted" with the principal and interest used to fund an ongoing program or "restricted" whereby the principal donation is restricted and not to be spent, and only interest income is used to fund the scholarship(s) on an ongoing basis. 

This approach provides a larger scholarship, but only over a very short period of time. When the money is exhausted, the scholarship no longer exists unless the donor chooses to make subsequent donations. 

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship or would like more information, please contact the Foundation. 

Applicant Information

NPCC Students

  • Priority Deadline is MARCH 1 prior to fall semester of any academic year.

  • Subsequent Applications filed in any academic year for Spring Semester must be received by December 1.

  • Applications will be accepted after March 1 and before August 1, and academic year scholarships may be awarded if funds are available.

Advanced Studies Center Students

  • Applications are received on an ongoing basis.

  • You must complete every line of this application and attach all General Scholarship Requirements listed below:

General Scholarship Requirements

    • North Platte Community College Foundation Scholarship Application Form and Essay must be completed in full.

    • North Platte Community College Admissions Application must be on file with the College.

    • Official Copy of your High School transcript, or most recent College grade transcript, or a copy of your GED scores are required and must be attached to the Application and Essay when submitted.

    • Advanced Studies Center Applicants must provide written confirmation of acceptance into an institution’s degree program, a degree course outline including credit hours, official college transcript, and be available for an interview with the Foundation’s Student Financial Aid Committee.

Award Guidelines:

Students awarded scholarships and/or loans must commence with enrollment corresponding to the NPCC start date declared on their scholarship application or any approved Advanced Studies program, and maintain continuous enrollment. If award recipients do not commence when declared, they will forfeit any and all awards and must reapply. There will be no carry over of awarded funds if enrollment is interrupted or discontinued and then recommenced. 

At the end of the each semester, a student must have a 2.5 GPA for that semester in order to continue to be eligible for continuation of any scholarship award. Enrollment for scholarship eligibility is a minimum of 6 credit hours for Part-Time and 12 credit hours for Full-Time. 

Scholarships may be awarded for your sophomore year. Returning students must contact the North Platte Community College Foundation at the beginning of the Spring Semester of any academic year to make further scholarship applications.