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Why Support Scholarships? 

You may not know how hard it is for many students to find the resources to come to school. 

A Lincoln County resident pays $93 per credit hour. A student taking 16 credit hours will need $1,488 a semester for tuition and at least $800 for books. 

This does not include additional costs such as tools, inoculations, or supplies that are required by specific programs. 

“Scholarships are a testament to my hard work and give me the drive to make my family, my educators, and those who make the scholarship possible proud.” – Kandace Ward, North Platte

A nursing student pays at least $500 for instruments, supplies, and inoculations. Automotive technology students purchase a tool kit that costs $800, and dental hygiene students purchase an instrument kit that costs over $2,000. 

In addition, childcare, transportation costs and lost income from time spent off the job, are problems many of our students encounter daily. 

They need scholarship money available through the College to continue their education. 

Scholarships can be unrestricted or based on criteria that specify a program or area of study, such as nursing, health sciences or business, just to name a few. 

Additional elements can pertain to grade point average, year of study and federal-based financial need. 

Scholarships may also be based on academic or talent merit. 

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